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Fameinhistory.com.ng is an online biographical and historical resources that provides you with Nigeria history and biography of celebrities, historical figures, and countless individuals as well as sharing historical events and places.

Our database of biographies includes celebrities, famous people, historical figures and high achievers in all fields of human endeavor as well those people who are not famous but have made a difference in the lives of others

Fameinhistory.com.ng chronicles the life history of some of the Nigerian’s most famous people and achievers. The biographies of these people feature the achievements and works that have influenced the course of history.

Nigeria has seen numerous people who have changed the course of history and influenced their sphere of living by their charisma, intelligence and talent. Be it geographical expansion, art & entertainment, science & technology, literature, politics, statesmanship or games and sports, these individuals have created history by their work.

Great Nigerians like Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa balewa, Nnmadi Azikwe, Professor Wole Soyinka, King Sunny Ade, Taiwo Akinkunmi, and many more.We have had similar great talents in the field of art & entertainment and sports, who have amused us all with their extra-ordinary talent.

This website contains interesting biography, history, photos and fact about real people, places and event

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