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Agbokim Waterfalls

Agbokim Waterfalls
Agbokim waterfalls is popularly in Nigeria for it seven face wonder of nature. The waterfalls has attracted a lot of tourist into the country.
Location: Etung Local Government Area, 17 Kilometres from Ikom, Cross Rivers, Nigeria.
Named after the host town, Agbokim Waterfalls is made up of seven streams which display a breathtaking cascade of fresh water plunging down the high cliff into the beautiful tropical rainforest. This is why it’s often called the ‘seven-faced’ wonder.
It is surrounded by steep hills, valleys, and luxuriant vegetation. Agbokim Waterfalls, which is one of the waterfalls in Cross Rivers State, has attractive scenery and has for years being a centre of attraction for tourists.
At this waterfall, you would be left in awe of the glowing beauty and serene environment, in addition to getting lost in the euphoria of nature’s awesomeness.
Without any doubt, this is an ideal location for that romantic getaway in an environment surrounded by the loving arms of Mother Nature. It is also a great spot for a picnic with family and friends.
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Agbokim Waterfalls

ong>History of Agbokim Waterfalls

The history of the Waterfalls dates back to the early 90’s when a hunter named Ntankum made the discovery of the waterfall.
He later brought his family members to reside around the waterfall area. Over the years, members of the Agbokim community have worked collectively to ensure that they develop this place.
Due to the fact that the source of the water is from the remains of plants, they’ve encouraged afforestation. The Afforestation also helps to increase the volume of the water.
Agbokim Waterfalls
Time to Visit Agbokim Waterfalls
In order to get the best out of your trip to Agbokim Waterfalls, you should visit this place during the rainy season. You could be lucky to catch a glimpse of the rainbow across the falling sheets of water.
Rainy season in Cross River occurs between April and September, with a short break in August. You should also have a non-slippery footwear with you, which is both water-resistant and would enable you to climb the rock effectively.
Also, its proximity to cameroon gives you an opportunity for a cross-border experience
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Agbokim Waterfalls
How to Get to Agbokim Waterfalls
Margaret Ekpo International Airport (Calabar Airport) is the closest airport to waterfalls. The distance between Calabar Airport and the Waterfalls is about 315 kilometres.
Thus, if you arrive at Calabar by flight, you would find taxis at the airport that would take you to a park in Calabar City. At this park, you would board a taxi to Ikom Local Government Area, from where you would find another taxi to the waterfalls.
Agbokim Waterfalls 3
Things to do at Agbokim Waterfalls
At Agbokim Waterfalls, you can carry out several activities which include;
Feed your eyes with the view of this captivating seven-part picturesque waterfall.
Serenade yourself with the sound of the water gushing down the beautiful terraces into the rainforest.
Take pictures of beautiful sights at the waterfalls, which include the occasional appearance of the rainbow as well as the birds swirling in the air.
Visit the Nigeria-Cameroon border, as it would afford you the opportunity of having the cross border experience.
Organise a picnic with your friends and family members on the lush vegetation at the Agbokim Waterfalls.
You can also lodge at the Agbokim Waterfalls. There are rooms at this place where you can spend the night. In the event that you’re planning to spend the night, just ensure that you carry your beddings.
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  • Agbokim Waterfalls

  • Agbokim Waterfalls

  • Agbokim Waterfalls

  • Agbokim Waterfalls
  • Agbokim Waterfalls
  • Agbokim Waterfalls
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