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Damola Olatunji

Damola Olatunji

Damola Olatunji biography

Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji is one of the fast rising actors in the movie industry. He is an actor of the Yoruba movie industry and a well known one at that.

Background information

Full Name: Damola Olatunji

Born: 2 February

Birth place: Osun

Nationality: Nigerian

Famous as: Actor

Years active: 2010 -present

Spouse: Raliat Abiodun-Olatunji (m. 2003)

Partner: Bukola Awoyemi

Nominations: City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actor of the Year (Yoruba)

Awards: City People Movie Special Recognition Award

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Early childhood and educational career

Damola Olatunji was born on the 2nd of February and his a native of Edo agbo located in Osun state.

Growing up he was reported to have been raised by his disciplinarian mother Mrs. Ajibola Olatunji as his father was frequently absent from home.

His mother is credited for inculcating himself as well as his siblings in the act of responsibility and good morals.

He attended his primary and secondary school at Ife also in Osun state. Damola Olatunji is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology Lagos with a certificate in Electrical Engineering.

His flair for acting is said to be something which he did not originally have, but developed in him sometime during his school days.

This interest propelled him to join a church theatre group. This group was into the performing of stage plays.

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Damola Olatunji

Acting career

He revealed his original intention had always been to become an Engineer. However, his digression into the movie industry and subsequent fame has obviously worked out well for him.

Damola slowly began familiarizing himself with the trade of the movie industry. He associated with actors and was encouraged and mentored by already existing acts, which further influenced his switch into the movie industry.

His big break came for his role in the movie Ojo which was directed by a potent mentor of his Yomi Fash Lanso. It was also produced by a remarkable actress in the Yoruba industry Opeyemi Aiyeola.

His deviation into the movie industry is said to have been met with a little doubt from his mother as she was greatly opposed to the behavior and lifestyle of famous celebrities.

His pledge to his mother has propelled the actor to live his life differently and uncorrupted by fame as opposed to other stars in the entertainment industry, so he says.

He is not just an actor who has starred in countless number of movies, but he is also a producer as well as a director. The movie ojo which brought him to stardom was fortunately for him, his debut movie.

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Family and personal life

Damola Olatunji was first married to Raliat Abiodun Sobowale. The two were reportedly in a relationship for about seven years before it was sealed in the union of marriage on the 8th of April 2013 in a ceremony which took place in Lagos.

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The actor who was overjoyed by his marriage seemed to have every intention of staying true to his vows; as he publicly made it known to all hopeful female fans that he was now a married man. He further voiced that he was an ardent believer in the sanctity of marriage.

It however came as a surprise when he became the father of twins born to him not by his wife, but by his rumored mistress, also an actress known as Bukola Awoyemi.

Damola and Raliat his first wife were said to have been living separately almost from the beginning of the marriage as Raliat Abiodun was mostly based in the United Kingdom. She was believed to have been making preparations for his relocation to the U.K to be with her.

The news of the delivery of his twins from another woman seemed to have been what sealed the fate of their marriage.

Damola Olatunji was accused by his wife of being uninterested in saving his first marriage and had therefore abandoned her. All efforts by his wife to fix things proved futile. Her constant absence was also believed to have contributed to the breaking of the marriage.

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Both sides of the story however were not heard as Damola Olatunji and Bukola Awoyemi remained silent on the matter.

Damola Olatunji

Damola Olatunji Net Worth

Damola is said to have quite an interest in real estate. He purportedly purchased a Hotel somewhere at the Sango Ola area. The property was said to have been secured for about N 60 million.

After the acquisition and commissioning of the property, the actor went further to disclose his future intentions of venturing more into this area.

The ownership of the hotel and the story of acquiring a hotel was later confirmed to be untrue and the actor later denied any such incidence occurring.

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Awards and recognitions

He is yet to win an award he however has been nominated on several occasions. The most recent nomination was for the year 2017 for the City People Movie Awards where he was one of those nominated for Best Supporting Actor of the year for the Yoruba movie industry.

He was as well one of the nominees for the Director of the Year Award also for the Yoruba movie industry and also by the City People Movie Awards.

Damola Olatunji

Film by Damola Olatunji


Oro Inu

Ilu Ominira


The actor is obviously making waves in the industry and gradually rising to a place of prominence.

  • Damola Olatunji

  • Damola Olatunji

  • Damola Olatunji

  • Damola Olatunji

  • Damola Olatunji
  • Damola Olatunji
  • Damola Olatunji
  • Damola Olatunji


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