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Fame Nigeria Talent Contest

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest 5

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest is an event in which talented Nigerians compete to show who is the most talented and skilled, especially at being entertaining.

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest

Concept Of Fame Nigeria Talent contest

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest Is an Answer to the cry of millions of Nigerians seeking for a platform to showcase their talents and skills to the world.

We come about this concept through feedbacks we got from our blog, Fame In History is a Nigeria blog that shares biographies of Famous Nigerians and Celebrities as well as those people who are not famous but have a made a positive impact in the lives of others.

We receive over a thousand calls daily through our various contact form, emails, phone calls, chats of people getting us to pay attention to the need of talented Nigerians in the nooks and cranes of the country estimated to be over fifteen million youth, pushing so intense to break out to limelight… So intense we couldn’t just ignore their out cry.

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest

Goals and missions of the project

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest provides a platform where all talented Nigerians can showcase their talent and skills in front of invited guests, Judges, general public and the media

Our mission is to help alleviate poverty by unearthing new talents and skills and kick start or boost career of various Nigerian who took part in the contest.

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest will also help to boost the self esteem and confidence of millions Nigerian, with the hope to prevent the possibilities of entering delinquency or lives of crime.

To help youths and Nigerians pursue their passion and overcome fear.

Vision of the project

Our vision is to make Fame Nigeria Talent Contest the biggest and most popular talent show event in Nigeria.

Events of the contest

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest is of two sections which the performing act and Vocational skills

Events under performing act include;

Dance, sing, Magic, Acting, DJ’s, Stand up Comedy and many more.

Events under vocational skills includes;

Art craft, Drawing, Handicrafts, Cooking and many more.

All Talent Are Welcome…

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest

Benefits Of The Talent Show

  • Opportunity to showcase your talent in front of the general public and media
  • Opportunity to have your own promo video clip
  • Exposure, the talent show will greatly increase your level of exposure to the public and through the help of media.
  • Experience, you will gain enough experience about your talent and this will help boost your confidence
  • Contract, you will be entitled to sign a year or more contract with reputable music industry or other firm when you excel in your category
  • Media, the use of media in the talent show will be of great benefit to the contestant and allow them to showcase their talents and skill to the world
  • Prizes and lastly are big prizes to be won for winners which will help to kick start a new career and beginning in the lives of those who perform well in the contest.

Fame Nigeria Talent Contest 6

Other things to know about the contest

  • Anyone can participate in the talent contest
  • No age limit terms and conditions apply
  • Registration for Fame Nigeria Talent Contest start on July 1 2020 and end on August 30 2020
  • Audition start immediately after registration on September 15 2020 and on December 15 2020
  • Prizes and gift for winners to be announce soon
  • There will be winner for each category with second and third position also go home with prize
  • All other information will be make known and announce soon…

For sponsorship and enquiries

Please contact below phone numbers and e-mail

Phone no: 08115373845, 08072495146 or 08100381993



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