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Lizzy Jay


Lizzy jay is one of the famous Nigeria comedian popularly known as Omo Ibadan. She is the CEO” Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta”, a comedy skit currently making waves on social media.

Background information

Full Name: Adeyela Adebola

Birth place: Ile-Ife, Osun State

Nationality: Nigerian

Famous as: comedian, actress, social media star

Years active: 2017-present

Also known as: Omo Ibadan

Education: The Polytechnic Ibadan

Religion: Christian

Instagram: @Iamlizzyjay


Biographical and educational history

Lizzy jay the famous comedian was born and brought up in Ile-Ife, Osun State. Her dad is a politician and her mum is a Federal worker.

She had both her primary and secondary school education at the school of Science in Ile-Ife. She later further her National Diploma at the Polytechnic Ede, lizzy jay is now a graduate at the polytechnic Ibadan for my HND, and she studied Microbiology.

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Lizzy Jay 3

Professional career

Lizzy jay comedy journey officially started in the year 2017, that was around April when she decided to start making funny thoughts into skits rather than just writing posts on Facebook.

During those period she make her living throughmake my money through adverts, shows, events hosting and other things.


Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta Concept

It’s a concept that builds around a dumb head teacher teaching other ignorant students, just because she believes teaching is the only means of livelihood and she can get it in that vicinity.

Despite the fact that the parents in the area are not educated, they still strive so hard to make sure that their children get education even if they don’t have much to send them to school.

The dumb head teacher takes this as an opportunity to scam the entire community, making them believe she’s a teacher and she’s capable of educating their Children. Unknowingly to the parents, the so called Omo Ibadan is just a dumb head.

When ask about what influence Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta Concept She said;

“I really can’t say this is exactly what influenced it, it’s just my random thoughts, I’ve had few comedy skits, before I came up with the Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta Concept. I saw people loved and accepted it, so I decided to build more around the concept and continue like a series.”

She is the CEO” Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta”, a comedy skit currently making waves on social media.

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ong>Lizzy Jay Ibadan accent

“I don’t know how I learned to speak the accent. Maybe from Yoruba movies I watch or maybe because I once schooled in Ede, Ede also has a similar accent with Oyo.” – Lizzy jay.


Acting career

She started her acting career in 2019 and she has since featured in many nollyhood movies, in fact she becoming more famous with people are acting prowess.

When ask which she prefer between comedy and acting she said;

“I love both and I appreciate them. My comedy skits are more of me acting. So how do I separate one from one? It’s impossible. So, I love both.”

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Family and perdonal life

She is currently not in a relationship not because men dont come to her but because she believe “Many are men few are husbands.”


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