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<strong>Olokun: Orisha Aje the god of wealth, ruler of the ocean

Olokun is the God/Goddess of all Waters and all of the Oceans, for Her name means Owner (Olo) of Oceans (Okun)

Aje is a god of wealth and economic prosperity, this orisha aid the accumulation of wealth.

He is highly praised for her or his ability to give great wealth, health and prosperity to her or his followers.

Orisha Aje is the King of Oceans, Dreams, Meditation, Mental Health, and Wealth

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Member of Orisha

Also known as: Olocún,

Venerated: in Yoruba religion, Candomble, Santeria

Region: Nigeria, Benin, Cuba, Brazil

Ethnic group: Yoruba people

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Olokun in Nigeria

Water deities are “ubiquitous and vitally important in southern Nigeria”; Olókun worship is especially noted in the cities of the Edo people in southwest Nigeria.

In West African areas directly adjacent to the coast, he takes a male form among his worshipers, while in the hinterland, he also is a female deity.


Olokun Story with other gods and humans

According to The Book Of Ifá, he became enraged and rose to the surface. As he did this to drown the humans, the orishas went to Orunmila to ask him what to do. Orunmila told them that
Ogun needed to create the longest chain he can possibly create.

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It was ultimately Obatala who had the responsibility of imprisoning Olokun in her/his domain. Knowing this, Obatala went to Ogun and asked him to make the longest chain he had ever made, and so he did. Obatala then went down into the ocean and trapped him with the chain.

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