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Prophet Daniel: The Man Who Was Eaten By Lions While Replicating Bible story In 1991

Prophet Daniel

<strong>Prophet Daniel history

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin is a Nigerian prophet who was eaten by lions while ‘replicating’ a Bible story in 1991

Prophet Daniel is mostly remembered by Nigerians till date for his miracle mission that later became his doom.

The incident happened in 1991 when visitors both far and near had come to the zoological garden in the University of Ibadan to have fun and see a wide array of animals comprising of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Prophet Daniel was also present but rather for a different purpose – to put to test the word of God.

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Prophet Daniel: The Man Who Was Eaten By Lions While Replicating Bible story In 1991 3

According to history he had arrived at the zoo to recreate the biblical story of his namesake Daniel who was thrown into the lions’ den without getting attacked when God sent down some angels to shut the mouths of the lions.

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It was accounts that on that fateful day, while business was going on, as usual, Prophet Daniel Abodurin was clothed in a red robe and under his armpit was a big bible when he approached workers of the zoo and asked them to allow him entry into the lions’ cage to reportedly showcase signs and wonders proclaiming that the God whom the Biblical Daniel served still exists.

His request was denied but after much pleas and persuasion, he was allowed entry even though other accounts state that he sneaked into the lions’ cage. Both accounts said that he gained entry into the den.

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As the prophet, with a bible under his armpit, approached the walled area where the lions were, people at the scene were shocked and even tried to persuade him to abort his mission. Others, however, looked on, expecting a miracle.

With so much energy and enthusiasm, Prophet Daniel entered the cage while reciting bible verses and speaking in tongues and calling unto the ‘God of Daniel’ to perform wonders, according to reports.

The lions, to the surprise of many, retreated to their confine even though this is believed to be customary for wild animals.

But as the prophet moved closer to the lions, they pounced on him and attacked him as he threw away his weapon, the Bible. His robe and Bible were drenched in blood as the animals fed on his remains.

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The prophet’s remains were collected and later buried. After his death, many people condemned him for his rather weird act. However, some Christian folk who supported the prophet argued that the lions were possessed by evil spirits and hence should be slaughtered.

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