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Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho is a famous and renowned Nigeria human right activist and warrior. He became very famous after his heroic displayed during Modakeke/Ife war which sufaced between 1997 and 1998, where he was a major defendant of Modakeke people.

Background information

Full Name: Sunday Adeyemo

Born: 10 October, 1972

Birth place: Igboho town, Oke Ogun, Oyo State

Nationality: Nigerian

Famous as: activist, warrior

Religion: Christian

Sunday Igboho

Biographical history

Sunday Igboho was Born 10 of October 1972 in Igboho town, Oke Ogun area of Oyo State. He spent his early life in Osun State, after his parents moved to Osogbo.

Sunday Igboho became very famous after his heroic displayed during Modakeke/Ife war which sufaced between 1997 and 1998, where he was a major defendant of Modakeke people.

Thereafter, he proceded to Ibadan where he met the then Governor, Lam Adesina through a courageous step while trying to defend the rights of the people. He also met the former Governor, Rasheed Ladoja who is still very loyal to.

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Sunday Igboho

Professional career

Sunday’s career started from being a mechanic and a motorcycle repairer.

Presently, he is human rights actvist, and he also does business worldwide. He has established a car sales business and own a company Adeson International Business Concept Ltd.

Sunday Igboho is car seller and that has been main business of his life because he has been selling them since youth.

As a Human Right Defender he hates cheating and manipulation. This however, inspired him to safe many people who were either cheated or duped by fraudsters or land grabbers.

Sunday Igboho 3

Family and personal life

Sunday Adeyemo has two wives the first one lives in Canada and the second wife lives in Germany. He is a happy father of girls and boys.

Sunday Igboho believes in God. He advises people to keep their minds open. He tries to help people, who lost their way or faith in life. Sunday Igboho is an excellent example of how to build relationships within society, stay fair and honest in all respects.

He has travelled to almost every part of the world and he has had opportunity to dine and wine with top celebrities and personalities in Nigeria and beyond.

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Sunday Igboho

ong>Sunday Igboho legacy

A movie was named after him called “Sunday Igboho”, a film by Bolaji Odunsi. It is the story of his life and what a lot of people don’t know about him and the stuff he is made of.

There at the launching of the film in Ikeja, Mr. Sunday Igboho opened up why he was named Igboho and a lot of things people don’t know about him.

Mr. Sunday Igboho reveals that “I know I am a tough person. So, I laugh when I hear people say they want to be called Sunday Igboho.

The name Sunday Igboho scares me myself, though it’s my name! I was named Igboho because it is the name of my town but I myself I am tough.

If you check my palms, most women’s palms are not as soft as my palms. I have never been a bricklayer, I have never been a farmer or carpenter, I was born with stubbornness.

I have never scammed. So, it’s not easy being a stubborn person and still been successful. It’s a big task. I am like a one-million man in one person.

Those who know me can testify that Igboho is a powerful being. I have been to every part of the world; I have been to America, Europe. I have my wives and children in America/Germany.

It’s not easy to use my character in a movie; he used my character to act a movie! He really challenged me but God knows where we will rise to become something in life.

My mother named me Igboho and I asked my mum why she did that. There is a reason why she did it. A lot of people don’t know me, but because of that my name, when some people hear it they won’t be able to defecate. Even when they want to it will cease to come.

I know that within myself, I am a tough person. I did all these, so I have decided to run for Oyo State governorship post come 2019.

Some people don’t know me; they will say Sunday Igboho use to walk in the air but you can’t blame them; they know what they are saying. I, Sunday Igboho, I command guns from no where on the motion if I get infuriated!

This is not a film or “action”. My boys can attest to that. Even as I am here, I came fully prepared. If you want to know me, I will show you what I am made of, because where we are today, you can say you want to know what we are made of. I tell people that, when you sleep you will see us and he will definitely do.”

“My father is late, May his soul rest in peace. So, when this people (film producers) went to Igboho, my mother told me that some young guys came to Igboho town; they said they want to use Sunday Igboho’s character to act a movie.

My mother said, go and think about it well, but they insisted it was just a movie. My mum also asked if they wanted to be called Sunday Igboho but I said no because she said it’s will difficult for someone to also be called Sunday Igboho but I said they are there to act a movie.

I now asked them to pass phone to my mother. I told her (my mother) on phone that they are there to act a movie, not that they want to find out my source of power because not all people can be like you.”

“There are great and powerful men here in our gathering here today but you can’t know them.

It would be hard for Governor to send delegate to honour somebody; Governor of Ilorin sent delegates to come and honour me.

if God doesn’t retire me, I would be like this till I am no more.

You can act like Sunday Igboho in a movie but you can’t be like me because it’s God that made me this way.

It’s not easy to become a big warrior and be successful like I have been. It’s not easy. The reason some people can’t be like me is that, for example my friend is being cheated and abused, if you do that, it’s me you have insulted indirectly. So, I will ask my boys to deal with those people. So you see why people can’t be like me” he concluded.


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