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The First Newspaper In Nigeria – (Iwe Irohin) December 3, 1859

The first newspaper in Nigeria

On December 3, 1859 the first newspaper in nigeria was published known as “Iwe Irohin Fun Awon Ara Egba Ati Yoruba.”
(newspaper for Egba speaking people).

In 1854, a Presbyterian Church missionary, Rev. Henry Townsend, established the first printing press in Nigeria. And in 1859 it published the first Nigeria newspaper called Iwe Its

This is the first newspaper in Nigeria and also the first indigenous language newspaper in Africa.

Fact about iwe irohin

The newspaper was published every fifteen days and sold for 120 cowries, which is equivalent to a penny. A single edition has about 8 pages in total.

And the circulation of the paper was around 3,000 as at that time among the Yoruba’s and the Ebba’s literate. “Iwe Irohin” was printed in two versions, one in English and the other in Yoruba.

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The First Newspaper In Nigeria - (Iwe Irohin) December 3, 1859 3

Content of the paper

The main contents of the paper were marriage announcements, Church news, post office notices, advertisements from local firms and the government, trade reports and cotton statistics.

Impact of the paper

“My objective is to get the people to read and to beget the habit of seeking information by reading.” — Rev. Henry Townsend.

Iwe Irohin had a remarkable impact on the local administration of the Independent Egba country and encouraged people to read.

The collapse of the newspaper (1867)

However, Iwe Irohin collapse (1859-1867) due to cultural and political clashes that occurred between the Egbas and the
British which resulted in the expulsion of all Europeans in Egbaland, the printing press was razed in 1867.

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This led to the end of Nigeria’s first newspaper


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